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Mind Wise


– The Family Wellness Project is an early intervention project for children who are experiencing emotional health & wellbeing difficulties, and their families.


Parents, carers, family members...if you need us we're here. Call Parent line NI today for advice, support or guidance. Freephone 0808 8020 400


Getting teenagers to talk openly about what's bothering them can be hard. Follow these tips to help get them talking to you about their worries.


Parenting NI

Parenting NI is the leading charity for parenting support in Northern Ireland.


If you are worried about the behaviour of your child, or if your child appears to be unusually distressed, you might need to do some probing to get to the heart of the problem.


The Aisling Centre is dedicated to the promotion of positive mental health and emotional wellbeing.

Our mission:

to provide opportunities for hope, healing and growth in a welcoming and supportive environment


Worried about a child or young person's behaviour or mental health? You're not alone. Via this website, you can answer six short questions and it will point you in the right direction for support based on your responses.


Being a parent can be challenging in everyday situations. Now, more than ever, taking care of your mental health is important. Staying at home more or having to work during a difficult situation can put different pressures on everyone. And if you're struggling, it's okay to reach out for support from friends, families and organisations that are here to help.


Our vision is a world where people affected by mental health issues receive support to lead a fulfilling life through recovery & discovery.


stem4 is a charity that promotes positive mental health in teenagers and those who support them including their families and carers, education professionals, as well as school nurses and GPs through the provision of mental health education, resilience strategies and early intervention.

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