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Student Council

The aim of the Student Council is to give pupils a voice in the decisions made which affect them in their school life and to facilitate involvement in the school community.   

The Student Council also introduces students to democratic, responsible and mature ways of making their views heard. 

Pupils are elected to the Student Council by their class and with the exception of Key Stage 3 (new representatives are voted in at the beginning of Year 9) the position is held for the duration of each Key Stage.

The elected body of students meet once each term with the College Principal (or Vice Principal), the Citizenship Coordinator, the Student Council Prefect and relevant other people for example the Canteen Manager or the Bursar or on occasion an invited speaker.

Representatives with the help of their form teachers establish the issues and concerns of their class and forward the most pressing to the Citizenship Coordinator. An agenda is drawn up and at the Council meeting pupils are given the opportunity to voice the thoughts of their peers on issues of concern to them or on suggestions for improvement in areas of school life.

The representatives then have the responsibility of reporting back to their class   the decisions made and the reasons behind those decisions.

The Student Council in St Michael’s is an effective way of enhancing pupil voice and continues to have an impact on issues such as school uniform, furthering cross community links and the introduction of new subjects (for example Spanish) to the curriculum.

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