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Structure Support

St. Michael’s is a listening school. Our aim is to protect and support our students so that they experience a rewarding and fulfilling time in St. Michael’s. If students have a particular difficulty they are encouraged to seek help and speak to any member of staff, but in particular the following members of staff who have a specific pastoral role within the school:

Head of Pastoral Care / Designated teacher for Child Protection


Mrs J O’Neill

Deputy Designated Teacher for Child Protection


Mrs C McGready



Mr M Henry  

Vice Principal


Mr C O'Connor

Year Heads

Year 8 - Mrs G McMahon

Year 9 – Mrs S O’Neill

Year 10 - Mrs D McCaffrey

Year 11 - Mr B Rasdale

Year 12 - Mr G Donnelly

Year 13 – Mr B Regan

Year 14 – Mrs E Irvine

Learning Support Co-ordinator

Mrs G Hanratty

Advice/Guidance is also available through our school chaplain (James Mc Loughlin) and the school counselling service - Martina O'Hara, Family works Counselling.

St. Michael's College is a participant in Operation Encompass.  Operation Encompass is an early intervention partnership between Police and Schools. It is aimed at supporting children who are victims of domestic violence. 


Operation Encompass is a very simple idea, but one that will help us to support and protect vulnerable children. When the Police attend an incident of domestic violence where one of our pupils is present, they will inform the school’s Designated Teacher for Child Protection at the start of the next school day. This information is shared in strict confidence and school staff are only told on a need-to-know basis.   


Following any notification from the PSNI, our staff will provide immediate support to any child who has been the victim of domestic abuse. We know that when children do witness domestic abuse at home, this is a highly traumatic experience for them. By taking part in Operation Encompass, we can provide tailored and compassionate support to our pupils, in line with our school ethos. This builds on our existing commitment to child safeguarding. 


Should you wish to find out more information, please contact the school’s Designated Teacher for Child Protection Mrs Joanne O’Neill or alternatively you can read more about Operation Encompass at  

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