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What were you doing during lockdown?

Below is a summary of what our Year 13 student Alwin Paul was up to……

In December 2020, Alwin managed to arrange independent research in assisting Professor Perry of Oxford University in his £1.5 million FORCE randomised controlled trial. A trial funded by the NIHR. that addressed the ambiguous treatment of the paediatric torus fracture.

Since February, Alwin has been fortunate enough to collaborate with Professor Fassati and his PhD student in writing a review paper for the ‘Viruses’ journal, that explored several HIV-1 inhibitor compounds, targeting the capsid protein.

Upon receiving 1-1 lectures from Dr. Yin of Oxford University and working with a charity, CDG UK, Alwin has been leading a research and public engagement project that seeks to raise awareness for CDG (congenital disorder of glycosylation).

Alwin is co-managing a non-profit, international organisation (OnlyPhysics) which has amassed over 45,000 visitors from 100+ countries, recently partnering with schools and EdTech start-ups, such as EasyA to give free education to GCSE & A-Level students, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Alwin has been accepted to one of the 90 places, from 720 applications, into the Oxbridge Mentoring Scheme. Over the next 10 months, he will be completing a series of tasks, with a personal mentor, designed to strengthen his university application.

Alwin is also flat out working for Dominos Pizzas in his spare time!!!


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