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8P 1-12 8M 3-4

The absolute classic case of “a game of two halves, Jeff” in this Year 8 final as 8P scrambled home for what was in fairness a deserved win, as 8M put in a great effort in the second period, but came up just short.

Form Teacher and manager Mr McCann had 8P really ready to go, and the first half saw them absolutely flying to a 0-10 to 0-0 lead! Lorcan McGrath, Colm McGovern and target man Conor King piled on the scores as 8M were a bit ponderous on the ball. As they were reminded after the game, “It’s not like the playground in your local Primary School any more!!!” Jay Largo Ellis and Sean McDermott hoovered up ball everywhere as the 8M lads just couldn’t get through.

Form Teacher and manager Mr Eunan Maguire obviously gave them the mother and father of all half time talks, as 8M were a different outfit in the second half, and they chipped away at the deficit Callum Keaney started things off with a great point from the right wing, and scores followed from Mark Gallagher, Zak Halligan, Rian Kennedy and Jack Crudden. 8P were glad of a goal and a point from Jack McKeever to give them breathing space, and McGrath hit a great free from the left late on as well. But it was tight as we entered time added on, and 8M had a free with the last kick of the game. They had to go for goal, but it was a bit of an unlikely one so 8P held on 1-12 to 3-4.

8M will probably say they would have won if they had played in the first half, but 8P will point to a few missed chances over the game to say they should have won by more. As well as their players mentioned earlier, goalie Sean McEvoy was very secure and clever with his kickouts. For 8M Lorcan Hanna deserves a mention for a very hardworking effort to drag his team back into the game.

After the match, Year 8 Gaelic Football co-ordinators Mr Rasdale and Mr Maguire selected Sean McEvoy and Colm McGovern to receive the trophy on behalf of their classmates.

3rd Place Final

8O 5-6 8T 4-7

What an enjoyable contest this was, as the two teams just went at it from the word go. We had controversy, great scores, big collisions, the lot, and the game went right to the last play as 8O held on. There was never more than two scores between the teams. For 8O, key scores came from Daniel Bryans and Callum St Ledger, with determined work further back from Conor Mullen, Luachra McBrien and the excellent Dylan Dorrian. For 8T, Cohen Murphy clipped over a few nice points and there were energetic displays from Dara Nolan, Eunan McGirr, Oisin Morris and Daire Swift, but it was one of those games where literally everyone popped up at some point and grabbed a score or turned possession over for his team. Great stuff!






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