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Support Our NHS

Ronan O'Hare, SWAH Clinical lead has been working with SME to build a prototype protective screen for NHS staff to use in ICU. Initially Ronan had an idea for this design and Josephine Parkinson gave him the idea to contact the school to see if SME could make it. Ronan contacted Sean Carlin who got Connor McBarron and Adrian McGee from SME T&D dept on the case. Things really took off when ex SME staff member Terry McManus came onboard. He quickly got the design into production. This was a huge effort on a two day turn around. Huge thanks goes Terry and the people he brought in. We all are delighted just to be able to help SWAH in any way we can and we hope this device helps to keep frontline staff safe at this critical time.

Such has been the success of the protective screen trialled at SWAH today that our former staff member Terry McManus has been asked to produce more screens for WHSCT for staff at Altnagelvin. This is a great example of local people supporting our NHS staff. We at St Michael's are also proud of Terry for making this unique contribution to the fight against Covid 19.

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