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After eight weeks of challenges and nerve-wracking moments I had managed to progress to the final of the Big Spell. I had watched as two competitors were eliminated after the second challenge each week and I had escaped elimination twice from the second challenge myself. The competition had been whittled down to six competitors, four boys and two girls.

On the final day, the first of three challenges was “Speed Spell.” I progressed with a score of nine and one competitor was eliminated. Five people now remained to participate in “Letter by Letter.” Slipping up on just one letter meant being eliminated from that round. The four winners of the round progressed to the “Ultimate Spelling Bee.” Unfortunately, I was eliminated in this round, being knocked out on the word “belligerent.” Overall, I finished in fifth place, winning an IPad Pro. Even though I was a bit disappointed to be knocked out, it was an amazing experience and one that I’ll never forget.

By Odhrán Harbinson

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