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St Patrick’s PS Mullanaskea Visit the Science Labs

P.7 enjoyed a fantastic day in the Science labs and Technology suite at St. Michael’s recently.

Mr Mc Govern and Mrs O’ Neill enthused the P.7 pupils in the Chemistry Lab and they were ably assisted by the technicians, Damien and Michael. The P7 pupils made their own glue using milk and a selection of bases.

Back at school the pupils tested their glues to find out which glue was the strongest.

After their morning in the Chemistry department, the P.7’s headed to the Technology suite where Mr Mc Barron and Mrs Donnelly introduced the pupils to the idea of strength in structures.

The pupils were split into teams and they worked together to make the strongest bridge using lollipop sticks and glue. This task was overseen by the Technology teachers and the technician, Adrian. The pupils tested the strength of their structures using weights.

The P.7’s will continue this project back in school and will maintain links with St. Michael’s.

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