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Bank of Ireland UK School Bank Launch

Introduction to the Bank of Ireland UK School Bank

The Bank of Ireland School Bank has been designed to support our school in providing financial education to pupils and forms part of the Make Money Matter programmes for schools. It provides the opportunity for students to open a bank account and makes it easy for them to save on a regular basis, via frequent onsite School Bank visits. The student School Bank will be supported by experienced Bank of Ireland UK staff members from the local branch to ensure smooth operation and to support the team with any questions or queries they may have. Customers of the bank will learn how to operate their own bank account, and will be issued with their own bank card and account number.

Services Available from the School Bank

During opening hours, students will be able to visit the ‘branch’ and do the following:

  • Open an account

  • Make a lodgement

In order to open an account, students will need to provide suitable identification and have a completed parental permission form (which will be given out at assemblies).

All Bank of Ireland UK account holders under the age of 16 will be issued with a Cash card, while those aged 16+ can apply for a Visa Debit Card, allowing them to use contactless payments up to £30 and the Online Banking facility to manage their money on the go.

Applications will be collected on the day of our launch (to be confirmed). The Bank will be open over dinner time once a week outside the Halla Pobail.

Incentives Available for joining the School Bank

During the project there are various different incentives that will be rewarding to our customers. They include:

  • The first 25 accounts that are opened will receive a free USB.

  • For a school bank that opens 100 active accounts (i.e. have had a minimum of £5 lodged to the account), BOI will provide 100 invites to the Croke Park Skyline tour, Stadium tour and museum visit OR 100 tickets to the Ulster championship quarter final 2017.

  • St Michael’s will also be entered into a draw to win a GAA masterclass with county players.

  • Customers could be in with the chance of winning an Amazon voucher!

Meet the Team!

Bank Manager - James Boyle Assistant Bank Managers - Conor Owens and Eoghan McCaffrey Sales and Marketing Team - Shay McBrien, Darragh Greene and Oliver Guette Operation and Audit Specialist - Paddy McAlone Assistant Operation and Audit Specialists - Declan Haren and Gerard Melly Customer Assistants - Oisin O’Brien, Tim Ryan, Thomas Corrigan and John Carrigan

Data Protection

The entire School Bank team have a responsibility for keeping safe the personal details, bank account numbers and lodgement records of all customers. All customer details will be filed away in a locked box which the Bank of Ireland UK representative will bring back to the branch after each visit.

The Data Protection legislation safeguards and protects the rights of individuals’ regarding the regulation, collection, retention, recording, use and disclosure of their personal information, or data.

We hope this project appeals to you and look forward to welcoming you to the world of banking!

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