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Christian Unity Week

The Christian unity service began at 7:30pm in St. Macartan’s Cathedral in Enniskillen. The service started with the clergymen from all the different denominations as well as the St Macartan’s choir entering in procession. The choir and congregation sang “Be Though My Vision”.

After a brief introduction, we walked up to the altar carrying a stone (simulating a building block), making a plea for forgiveness for the transgression stated on the stone and then laying the stones to create a wall. There were 13 of us in total, 2 from St. Michael’s, 2 from St. Joseph’s, 2 from the Enniskillen Royal, 3 from St. Fanchea’s and 4 from Mount Lourdes.

The readings and the Gospel (The Prodigal Son – read by Monsignor Peter O’Reilly from St Michael’s church in Enniskillen) were followed by the sermon from Reverend Chris MacBruithin who spoke about how we should learn to respect one another in the same way that the various social and religious groups did in the early church. He received a round of applause. After this, while Sister Marie Cox sang a hymn, we went up and rearranged the stones into the shape of a cross. Some more readings were read by members of the community and then candles were passed around the congregation. After the service had finished, we were all invited to have tea and coffee together and have a chat. It was an uplifting and enjoyable experience.

Jozef McGowan 12P

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