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Civil Engineering Day at Queens

In my opinion this event proved to be a very valuable asset in helping me grasp a much better understanding of the joys, pleasures, as well as the pressure and responsibilities incorporated with this career.

Firstly, the day had a very pleasant start with a short yet informative presentation by the lecturers. This presentation gave me a great sense of relief as it illustrated how greatly involved the students and teachers of this department are in terms of following their passion for engineering. The next programme for the day involved us visiting a working sewage plant. Despite the few unpleasant smells in the air, this visit was very beneficial in allowing us to dive straight into a real working environment of an occupation we have a great interest in. And through this visit I was made aware of the many risks and precautions put in place to run such a plant efficiently.

After leaving the sewage plant, we were brought closer to the inner city area to take a walking tour of specific civil engineering based structures. Here we were able to see a visual representation of what our future work could accomplish and how innovation can overcome almost any obstacle. This tour ultimately led us to a water works where we got a chance to learn about controlling the water levels within the city in a sustainable manner. This was unquestionably, one of the most important parts of the day for me as it is the main area within civil engineering that I wish to pursue in the future.

This journey finally led us to our lunch break, which was of course delightful. After lunch, we were able to associate with individuals who have followed the Civil Engineering career route and questioned them on their personal experience

which in turn answered any uncertainties or queries that we may have had about pursuing this career. And the final visits of the day were Victoria square shopping centre and the new Allstate Insurance construction site. Here any of the pupils who were wishing to follow structural civil engineering received an in depth illustration of the work involved.

Overall the day was simply magnificent for any pupil who had an interest in following this career route. And this event definitely reassures me that this is the career path that I wish to follow.

Hrishikesh Pongaressil Year 14

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