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Mr. Francis Shaw

Mr. Peter Teague

Welcome to St. Michael’s College P. E. Department. In St. Michael’s we aim to empower our pupils to realise not only their academic potential but to enjoy and become “the best they can be” in sport. That however does not mean we concentrate all our efforts on the most capable athletes, we try to make learning through sport fun for everyone and try to develop everyone physically, socially and mentally through the medium of physical activity. Please take the time to browse through our site and be part of the sporting experience at St. Michael’s.

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Physical Education is one of the compulsory subjects within the Creative and Expressive Area of Study.

Through such a programme pupils have the opportunity to:

  • Develop body dexterity.

  • Extend, refine and become more proficient in a range of psycho motor skills.

  • Experience and appreciate the contribution of physical education to the promotion of a healthy lifestyle.

At Key Stage 4 pupils should become more responsible for their own activity programme and seek opportunities to continue these outside the school curriculum. The programme of study for Key Stage 4 also provides for the progressive development of particular skill activities and personal qualities.


Course Description

Physical education is all about developing a healthy, active approach to life. Whatever the activities involved – from rugby to rhythmic dance, trampolining to table-tennis and hill-walking to the 100 metre sprint – it’s designed to foster enjoyable participation in exercise and training. At the same time, it helps each individual reach their full potential by providing background knowledge about health, effective training and safe performance.

This specification gives students opportunities to:

  • improve their fitness levels and skills through a range of physical activities;

  • improve their performance in different types of physical activity and roles such as player, participant, leader and official;

  • develop their ability to take part independently and successfully in different types of physical activity;

  • develop and continue their involvement in physical activity as part of a healthy, active lifestyle;


The course is assessed through a combination of one written examination paper together with two internal assessments of pupil performance.

The written paper assesses factors affecting participation and performance in physical activity and developing physical health/well-being; peak physical fitness and skilful performance in physical activities. This examination paper will account for 40% of the total marks.

The first internal assessment will be based on the candidate's 8 week compulsory exercise/activity profile and on individual performance in three distinct physical activities at least one of which MUST be an INDIVIDUAL sport e.g. swimming, cross country, golf, badminton chosen from a selection provided. This will constitute 50% of the overall marks for the subject. If you do not have a broad base of practical sports PE is unlikely to be a suitable GCSE for you.

The second internal assessment will be based on the candidate's ability to orally analyse and improve performance in the exercise/activity profile. This will account for 10% of the overall mark

A Level

- Examing Board: CCEA

Subject Introduction

Our relationship with our own physical and mental wellbeing has changed a great deal over the last few decades. In today’s world, we can take responsibility for ourselves and create our own good health through informed lifestyle choices. More than a third of babies born today will live to over a hundred years old because of factors such as better nutrition, improved medical care and our growing awareness of healthy lifestyles.This has meant that leisure is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Gyms and indoor sports facilities are becoming a way of life, with people learning more about the science of physical health and fitness. More and more people are realising that sport and activity builds self-esteem, relieves stress, and can provide us with a positive model of setting goals and personal achievement. Learning about the scientific side of physical fitness can give us greater control over our body’s health. This in turn can inspire us to greater heights of motivation, discipline and self-improvement. 

Prospective A level candidates must have a passion for sport, be actively involved in a variety of sports to a high level both in and outside school and be committed to working to improve their personal performance in a variety of sports. Pupils must have an established record of sporting participation for St Michael’s or their feeder school. It is NOT sufficient to be outstanding in one sporting field only. Pupils MUST have GCSE Physical Education at grades A*-B. A strong interest in science, in particular biology is advantageous and recommended.

All pupils entering AS MUST have at least a BB in double award science at GCSE or a Grade B or better in Biology/Chemistry if offered as a separate subject. 


Those who are interested in sports science can go on to enjoy careers in personal and fitness training, the leisure industry, event management, sports massage and therapy, physical education and teaching.

Proficiency in Physical Education and Sport is important in the total development of the individual. Involvement in games develops the essential qualities of commitment and loyalty to team effort necessary in many careers. Active and regular participation in Physical Education undoubtedly improves the interest and skill levels of those students who hope to pursue a career in Sport, Leisure, or Physical Education. 

Prospective Candidates must have a passion for Sports, must be a high level performer in a variety of activities and must be committed to broadening their knowledge and to improving their personal performance!

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