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Government & Politics


Head of Department

Mrs Naomi Beeson

Subject Teachers

Mr Niall Oliver

A Level

- Examing Board: AQA

Subject Introduction

Government and Politics is the study of the structure of authority and power in society. The subject enables students to understand how their lives as citizens are affected by political activity. It lays the foundation for a continuing interest in national and international politics.

Qualification & Specification details:


Two units are studied in Year 13 for AS and a further two units in Year 14 to complete the A-Level.

Year 13

Unit 1: People, Politics and Power

Unit 2: Governing Modern Britain

Year 14

Unit 3: The Politics of the USA

Unit 4: The Government of the USA

Each unit is worth 25% of the total A level

The Politics student is taught to develop

* An analytical and comparative approach to the study of politics

* The skills of enquiry, evaluation and effective communication

* A critical awareness of political behaviour.

The A-Level syllabus does not require students to have any recommended prior knowledge. It offers an opportunity for someone with an inquiring mind to undertake the study of an academic discipline that is both relevant and new to him. 28

Career Note

A-Level Government and Politics teaches skills which are extremely useful in a wide range of career areas. Many students choose to continue the study of this subject at university - either on its own or with others such as Economics, History and Languages. It has natural links with careers in Journalism, Law, the Civil Service, Political and Administrative careers at home and abroad. A successful academic background in this subject suggests a person with an awareness of the world in which he lives.

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