Shared Education Programme for French A Level Students 

The programme is run with 3 other Grammar schools in Enniskillen : 

Mount Lourdes Grammar School, Portora Royal School & Collegiate Grammar School . In 2011, St Michael’s became the leading school in an innovative pilot Shared Education French Immersion Programme for A Level students. Following its resounding success.


St Michael’s has developed and expanded the initial programme to offer in 2012-2013 a substantial number of meetings and workshops during school, after school and in the evening. The Shared Education Classes contribute to develop the communication skills needed at A Level by encouraging students to use French at all times through the immersion course.This project enables students to develop self-confidence in speaking French in public and in unfamiliar environment. It develops their communication skills, their debating skills, their knowledge of French culture and build up their vocabulary in selected topic areas.


The workshops aim to make studying a language an enjoyable, relevant and rewarding experience.The programme helps students to prepare for their oral examination and develop thinking skills and personal capabilities required for their A Level Examination. 

Trips Abroad/Student Exchange

The social, personal and intellectual development of students is enhanced by College trips both within Ireland and abroad. Language students regularly visit 

France and Germany and Irish students spend vacation time in the Gaeltacht. School trips abroad have included visits to America, Russia, France, Italy, Bulgaria, Germany, Austria and Spain.

Student Recreation Facilities

All students from Year 8 to Year 14 have access to recreation facilities at break and lunch times daily.Internal activities include pool, table-football and table-tennis while external facilities include soccer pitches, basketball courts, tennis courts and hand-ball alleys.

Fundraising For Charity

Students and staff commitment to Christian living is reflected in the fund-raising for third world and local charities which is a prominent feature of school life in St Michael’s. An ongoing school project supports the education of a number of students from deprived backgrounds in India. Fundraising activities include sponsored 24 hour fasts, silences, sports events, raffles, fun runs and non-uniform days.

Learning for Life & Work

Local and Global Citizenship, one of the 3 strands of Learning for Life and Work was introduced to Year 8 pupils in September 2004. It is now taught to all pupils in Key Stages 3 and 4’. Local and Global Citizenship is based on the following themes, which are addressed in local, national, European and global contexts.

1. Diversity and Inclusion: 

Pupils consider the range and extent of diversity and inclusion in local and global societies and identify the challenges and opportunities this presents.

2. Human Rights and Social Responsibility: 

Pupils learn that a globally accepted values base exists, documented in various international human rights charters.

3. Equality and Social Justice: 

Pupils learn that inequality and injustice exist and have an impact on individuals, groups and society. They begin to recognise that individuals, governments and society have responsibilities to promote equality and justice on a local and global level.

4. Democracy and Active Participation: 

Pupils gain an understanding of how to participate in, and to influence, democratic processes.

Student Representative Council

The College operates a Student Representative Council which aims to develop the school community so that students become partners with teachers in their education. An elected body of students meet on a regular basis with the College Principal and can use this opportunity to voice the thoughts of their peers on issues of concern to them.The Council also introduces students to democratic, responsible and mature ways of making their views heard.