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Making the right choice about the degree you want to pursue is a big decision and not an easy one, to help you make the correct decision the following websites may be useful to help you make the right choice. You will also find below specific information about studying abroad, studying in the UK and studying in the Republic of Ireland.

Studying Abroad

There's nothing stopping you from going abroad to a different country to study a Higher Education course. Europe, America, Australia and many other regions offer good career opportunities through Higher Education courses. If you are interested in undergoing Higher Education abroad these links could be useful.

Studying in Australia & New Zealand

Studying in America

World University Rankings

Applying to European Universities

Dictionary of World Universities


Studying in the UK

There are hundreds of higher Education institutions in the UK which provide good career prospects and opportunities. The UK is one of the most popular Higher Education destination in the World and many employers worldwide recognise and approve Higher Education degrees gained in the UK. The following links should help you find useful information about studying in the UK.

Universities UK



What University


Studying in the Republic of Ireland

Ireland is known worldwide for its excellent education system. Degrees gained in an Irish Higher Education Intuitions are recognised internationally and give students excellent career opportunities. It is important and worth while applying south of the border as it will widen your opportunities and keep your options open. The following links should help you find some useful information about Higher Education Institutions in the Republic of Ireland.

List of Irish Universities

Universities Ireland




The links below should help you gain further knowledge in your Higher Education research...


NI Direct

The Times

The Guardian

Queen's Belfast

University of Ulster

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