Further Education

After completing GCSE's, there are a number of options available to you.

  • Studying A levels allows you to develop more specialist knowledge in the subjects you choose and A levels are a route commonly used to gain entry onto a degree course. The vast majority of A levels are assessed by end of module exams.

  • BTEC National Diplomas are specific courses linked to particular career areas such as Construction, Computing and ICT, Engineering, and Sports Studies. BTEC National Diplomas are almost entirely assessed via portfolio coursework.

  • Applied A levels are the equivalent to A levels and can be used to gain entry onto degree programs. Applied A levels are particularly assessed using portfolio coursework.

A levels, Applied A levels and BTEC's can be used in different combinations. Students would normally be expected to study the equivalent to three A levels to gain entry to a University course. A levels, Applied A levels and BTECs are recognised in the world of work and can be used to pursue a career on the completion of these courses. On completion of these courses, students will be recognised by employers in the world of work.

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